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Well, damn...

I haven't been on DA for over a year, and well, the Luckyshippers have kinda fallen apart. I should've let someone be a Co-Founder and let everyone know about my departure before actually leaving.

Me being gone has impacted the group because no one was able to take control or necessary action when it was needed. I see there is a new group, and I must say, that was the most necessary route to go. I pardon for the in-activeness. One-hundred percent of it is my fault; I will take the blame.

And how have I been? I've been good. But to be honest, I'm not that obsessed fan you witnessed last year. I'm not as obsessed with Luckyshipping that much, which was the reason why I took a break from this. Now don't get me wrong though. I do like and advocate for Luckyshipping, and wish for it to be canon, but I'm not a crazed fan. Not even an Otaku.

I do not watch Anime or read Manga, anymore. I have changed, but it doesn't mean I do not support Luckyshipping. I'll do my best to keep Luckyshipping active, because in my heart, I still have faith in it.

Excuse me for everything, and let us start where we left off.

PostScript - I am not using xGreenXAshx anymore, just because it was so inactive, and there was no purpose in using it anymore. Please check out my new account, LuckyShipper. I'll try to be somewhat active on it.

And a little something. If you want to be a Co-Founder (because I doubt I will be able to keep the group active for a long period), please contact me on my new account LuckyShipper

Thanks, and apologies.
LuckyShipper (Founder of theLuckyshippers)

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: :bulletblue: Please like the unofficial facebook page! :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred:… :bulletblue:

:bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: Please join the unofficial facebook group! :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred:

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:bulletblue: & Lastly, please join the official FANPAGE WEBSITE :bulletred:

:bulletblue: :bulletred:

Thankies (:

:bulletblue: :bulletred: Joining the Group :bulletblue: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: Becoming a member :bulletred:
You can become a member, by just joining the group to become a member! Member requests are accepted right away, so there's no need to worry if you're going to make it or not. But if you're a anti-shipper, I don't know if I will accept or not...

:bulletblue: How to become a Contributor :bulletred:
I have to have full trust in you that you love Luckyshipping, and that you support it with all your heart. To do that you will have to submit a certain amount of Luckyshipping art to the group. Or you could tell your friends about Luckyshipping and this group. Just try to support it by making a fanpage or something. If I have full trust in you, then I will make you a contributor!

:bulletblue: :bulletred: Submissions :bulletblue: :bulletred:

To submit, you must follow the guidelines:
:bulletblue: You're art must consist of the characters Red (Manga), Blue, Leaf, or Red (Game). If it doesn't, then obviously it won't get accepted. It could have either of the characters as long as they're in there.
~~~ You may add other characters as long as the characters I mentioned up above are in there.
:bulletred: No nudity or strong sexual content. You can put them on a bed I suppose, but nothing that's inappropriate enough for a thirteen year old to see. xD
:bulletblue: No stealing work. If I am notified of any stolen work, you will be kicked out of the group without any warnings.
:bulletred: No offensive content.
:bulletblue: It cannot have another shipping. If it's SpecialShipping for example, I will not allow it even if Red is in there. The reason why is that this group's main focus is on Luckyshipping and the characters in it. We don't want some random pairing in here, or that'd just ruin the spirit.

If you break these guidelines, then you are warned (unless you break the stolen art policy). You are allowed three warnings. If I warn you more than three times, you will be kicked out. (Look below to see more about the warning system).

:bulletblue: :bulletred: RULES :bulletblue: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: NO flaming
:bulletred: NO being rude to eachother
:bulletblue: NO insulting others
:bulletred: NO talks about other shippings
:bulletblue: NO rude comments on the shipping

And be courteous of others.

And here's a little add: No expressing your opinions on other shippings saying its the best or better than this one. Example would be like Choosenshipping is better than Luckyshipping. I just don't tolerate that.

If you break these rules, then you will be warned. (Look below for the warning system).


:bulletblue: :bulletred: Warning System :bulletblue: :bulletred:


There's no one yet, but if there are, you will see a skullhead next to you name :skullbones:. So example, I'll do it with my username.

1.) xGreenXAshx :skullbones:

If I get three of those skullheads, I will be kicked out. (But I won't because I own this group XD)


If you read it, great! You're awesome ;D Other than all that junk, I hope you have a great time in the group, and I hope you tell others that like Luckyshipping as well, to join the group ^^.

Thank you!

Jaila Regina



:bulletred: :bulletblue: We accept all affiliations :bulletblue: :bulletred:

Group Info

Hello there! This group mainly focuses on the characters from Pokemon Special which are Blue (or Green in English) and Red which is called Luckyshipping. We believe that this pairing/shipping looks absolutely cute together. We believe that they should be together. And believe that they will be together. So that's why we made a group! To show the world our artwork on the couple showing that we love this pairing and want it to happen! Now, we don't just feature the Manga characters, but we also feature the game characters, Red and Leaf. That shipping is otherwise known as BurningLeafshipping, which is the game pairing name. You may submit either the game pairing or the Manga pairing as long as it has either Red, Leaf, or Blue (Green).
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Jul 26, 2010


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Fan Club

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Well hai. Well I'm back, after one freaking year. I sincerely apologize for leaving this group with anyone attending it or proceeding to keep it active. I should've let someone be a co-founder before I made my departure. Truly sorry.

Because of the group's activeness, us Luckyshippers sort of fell apart, and I will take the blame, because of my irresponsible action.

And as much as I like Luckyshipping still, I'm honestly not that big of a fan compared to last year. I've kind of changed. I do not read Manga, watch Anime... I don't even consider myself as an Otaku.

Despite that though, I still a Luckyshipper, and do have faith in the pair. Although it's not at the top of my agenda anymore, somewhere in my heart, I still know I appreciate the pair's presence.

But now, since I'm back on DeviantART (temporarily... lol), I will try to improve on keeping the group active somewhat. I suck at multitasking and crap, so I might just have to do this...

If you wish to be a Co-Founder, please notify me on my new account, LuckyShipper. Yes, as you all are aware now, I am no longer using xGreenXAshx due to my periodical absence, and I thought it'd be more convenient to start off fresh.

So back to being a Co-Founder. I really could care less who is going to be a Co-Founder, but you have to promise me that you'll keep this group active, and be courteous towards the group.

For more info, feel free to contact me. It might take me a day or two to respond (I'm still running on a tight schedule).

Apparently, from what I am notified of, there is a new Luckyshipping group, so if you can, check that out, because it is definitely much more active than this group.

Well, thanks for reading. Pardon my absence. I seriously thought that I was quitting DevART forever, but decided to come back, realizing that there's a group that I still responsibility over.

Thanks, and it's great to be back, I guess.

Luckyshippers UNITE.
LuckyShipper (Founder of theLuckyshippers)
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